Anonymous asked:
the entire holy trinity fandom is trying to get Grace Helbig to collab with you!

1 day ago + 68 REBLOG if i ever got to collab with grace helbig i would poop myself something fierceif i ever got to meet grace helbig i would poop myself something fierceeither way fierce poopin would happenaskAnonymous
voldemortrightnipple asked:
Omg I can hear you picture saying "NARHAHAHAHAHA"

5 days ago + 20 REBLOG helo im taylor im a art studentaskvoldemortrightnipple
heldered asked:
hello!!! i would just like to let u know that you are my tied first favourite youtuber!!! (tied w community channel!!) idk ur content is funny n great n i think ur cool and hopefully if you ever come to australia i can stalk/say hi to you!!! much love xxx

AAAH tied with community channel??? i love her stuff so much - to be considered in the same league wit hher im going to POOP myself

and let’s hope i can come to australia soon!!!!! ive been wanting to go back there my whole life, so it’s at the top of my to-do list! :- D

5 days ago + 21 REBLOG helderedwoops i meant to answer this privately but whatever ever it's here now so it shall stay!! :- Dask
Anonymous asked:
Hi! You've said you're an art student, but what major are you?

hi!! i’m getting my bachelor’s in studio art, and i’m getting my master’s in digital game development! and if all goes well, i will get my phd in sports anime appreciation.

5 days ago + 28 REBLOG one more month until undergrad graduation!!and a year and a half until graduate graduation!!or should i say.............grad²ation............askAnonymous
2 weeks ago + 3967 REBLOG that me!!!!!gifsactually not gifs but it should go in the tag anyway!!!


Video!! I was tagged by (go watch her videos you’ll die she’s so funny). If you’re not already please subscribe! 

2 weeks ago + 20 REBLOG WHEEEE ITS ELENA!!we met and hung out at playlist and she's super awesome!! :- Dother

I went out last night and took a photo before I left but forgot to post it :D
2 weeks ago + 38 REBLOG U LOOK STUNNING!!!!!!!!! :-Dself indulgent selfies are the best kind of indulgence and the best kind of selfies!!tutorial qts
2 weeks ago + 38 REBLOG BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!!!!!!ALSO CAMP TAKOTA HECK YEAH YEAH YEAH !!!!tutorial qts
Anonymous asked:
is the luvocracy link you posted recently on here correct because it leads to a different called 100percent pure. of course i might also be missing something xD

WOOPS HECK i fricked it up!! the link should be correct now :- D

3 weeks ago + 2 REBLOG though that was the link to the mascara i used in the makeup tutorial...........!!!!!!!!in which taylor hecks stuff upaskAnonymous

OH HEY GUYS just fyi: if you’re wondering what products i used in my friendzone makeup tutorial, i’m going to be updating my collection on luvocracy with all the products later today when i get home from class! so stay tuned!! :- )

3 weeks ago + 26 REBLOG wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeetadelesmithupdate